2022 Summer Reading List

Summer is finally here!


Using ESP we’ve compiled the definitive summer 2022 reading list, perfect for when you’re soaking up some rays on the beach, hopping on a flight to distant shores or just relaxing at home. We’ve got it all, from thrillers and mysteries to eye-opening accounts of life throughout history.


Below are the top 20 upcoming reads in the US:


  1. The Best is Yet to Come – Macomber, Debbie

When a woman alone in the world bravely chooses to open her heart, two lost souls have a new chance at belonging, in this intimate novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

  1. Horse – Brooks, Geraldine

A discarded painting in a junk pile, a skeleton in an attic, and the greatest racehorse in American history: from these strands, a Pulitzer Prize winner braids a sweeping story of spirit, obsession, and injustice across American history.

  1. The 6:20 Man – Baldacci, David

A cryptic murder pulls a former soldier turned financial analyst deep into the corruption and menace that prowl beneath the opulent world of finance.

  1. Flying Solo – Holmes, Linda

A woman returns to her small Maine hometown, uncovering family secrets that take her on a journey of self-discovery and new love, in this warm and charming novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Evvie Drake Starts Over.

  1. The Lioness – Bohjalian, Chris

A luxurious African safari turns deadly for a Hollywood starlet and her entourage in this riveting historical thriller.

  1. The Hotel Nantucket – Hildebrand, Elin

“The queen of beach reads” (New York Magazine) delivers an immensely satisfying page-turner in this tale about a summer of scandal at a storied Nantucket hotel.

  1. The House Across the Lake – Sager, Riley

The New York Times bestselling author is back, with this gripping page turner full of all the drama, twists and thrills you’d expect from the master of the genre.

  1. Dele Weds Destiny – Obaro, Tomi

Dele Weds Destiny is the heartfelt, vivid and sparkling debut novel by editor and writer Tomi Obaro, a dazzling new voice in fiction. A story of three women, we witness the shared histories, betrayals and triumphs play out, and their unforgettable, enduring friendship.

  1. The Book Woman’s Daughter – Richardson, Kim Michelle

The best selling historical fiction author is back, with a spell binding story of determination, honesty and compassion. Set in 1950s Appalachia this story follows on from The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, and is not to be missed. A fantastic book club read.

  1. The Sweet Remnants of Summer – McCall Smith, Alexander

Isabel Dalhousie is back in Alexander McCall Smith’s latest page turner. We follow as Isabel must navigate a complex family dynamic, trying to mediate between an illustrious father and his son whilst her own husband is dragged into trouble of his own.

  1. Escape – Patterson, James and Ellis, David

Following a violent prison escape and the appearance of a mysterious note we follow Detective Billy Harney on a gripping adventure, full of twists, turns and deceit. The latest book from the most prolific (with over 380 million books sold) New York Times #1 best seller, James Patterson and David Ellis.

  1. The Book of Night – Black, Holly

A modern take on dark fantasy, Holly Black’s first foray into adult literature, sees Charlie, a low level con artist, followed by her dark past. In order to survive she’ll need to learn how to master the magic of shadows and survive the attention of shadow thieves, scheming billionaires, sly doppelgangers and ever her own sister.

  1. Book Lovers – Henry, Emily

A book lovers book about book lovers. In one of Oprah Daily’s ‘most anticipated books of 2022’ we meet Nora Stephens, a cut throat literary agent who is never the heroine in her own store and Charlie, a brooding editor. Not quite a match made in heaven, but maybe exactly what they both need?

  1. This Time Tomorrow – Straub, Emma

Despite being happy, and content with her life, 40 year old Alice feels as if something is missing. When she’s transported back to her 16 year old body she meets her father, not the ailing and ill man he is today but 40 something that was so full of life when she as a teenager. This gives Alice a vital new perspective of her own life, and her fathers. How will it change how she views events in the past, present and future?  

  1. Local Gone Missing – Barton, Fiona

Detective Elise King investigates a man’s disappearance in a seaside town where the locals and weekenders are at odds with each other in this rich and captivating new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Widow.

  1. By the Book – Guillory, Jasmine

Best-selling author Jasmine Guillory’s reimagining of a beloved fairy tale is a romantic triumph of love and acceptance and learning that sometimes to truly know a person you have to read between the lines.

  1. The Daughter of Doctor Moreau – Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

This modern and feminist take on the HG Wells classic, the Island of Doctor Moreau, is set on the Yucatan peninsula against the backdrop of nineteenth-century Mexico. This novel blends history and science fiction as we see the doctor and his monstrous creations from a fresh perspective.

  1. The Last to Vanish – Miranda, Megan

New York Times bestselling author Megan Miranda returns with a gripping and propulsive thriller that opens with the disappearance of a journalist who is investigating a string of vanishings in the resort town of Cutter’s Pass—will its dark secrets finally be revealed?

  1. On Rotation – Obuobi, Shirlene

Love, family and humor. This book has it all, as well as a strong medical drama feel (for all those Greys Anatomy fans out there). For her debut novel Shirlene Obuobi is already getting rave reviews.

  1. Siren Queen – Vo, Nghi

Life in Hollywood during the gilded age was never going to be easy for Luli Wei, the Chinese American wannabe star looking to have a big break in tinsel town – for one she thought the monsters would only be on the screen, not behind the camera.


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