What is collectionHQ Consulting?

In today’s digital world, librarians have a wealth of data at their fingertips. Using the right technology to apply that data can improve productivity, save money and increase patron engagement. At collectionHQ, we appreciate that finding the resources to implement new technology and use it to the fullest can be a challenge. That’s why we introduced collectionHQ Consulting. collectionHQ Consulting is a consultancy service from collectionHQ and Baker & Taylor. It combines the industry knowledge and expertise of MLS degreed library consultants with powerful data analytics from collectionHQ and ESP, to provide you with customized planning and support that maximize results.

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Features and Benefits

  • Data-Driven Analysis Data-Driven Analysis
  • Tailored Plans Tailored Plans
  • Monitoring and Support Monitoring and Support
  • Improvement Reviews Improvement Reviews
  • Data-Driven Analysis

    Powered by collectionHQ and ESP, our experts will analyze numerous data points to provide informed recommendations about how to maximize valuable collection dollars, reduce wasteful purchases and deliver a collection that reflects your community.

  • Tailored Plans

    Our plans are designed with your library’s staffing levels, budget, goals and collection needs in mind to maximize productivity and support realistic improvements to Collection Management, Collection Development and Marketing Processes.

  • Monitoring and Support

    A Consultant with detailed knowledge of workflows and selection for libraries of all sizes will provide step-by-step, on-site support with your plan – from implementation to review – to guarantee success.

  • Improvement Reviews

    Demonstrable results are at the heart of our service. With each plan we will set Key Performance Indicators aligned with your library’s goals which will be reviewed quarterly by your Consultant using our evidence-based Dashboard.

Here's what our customers say.

  • Deanna Rabago Lechmann, Contra Costa
    The reason we chose collectionHQ and ESP was for the level of transparency it offers our staff and stakeholders in collection planning.
    Deanna Rabago Lechmann, Contra Costa
  • Jessi Barrientos, Wesminster Public Library
    Westminster Public Library has used collectionHQ for over four years. Combined with ESP, collectionHQ is a key component in our ability to have centralized collection development with very limited staff. It has also helped us build a hyper-local, community-focused collection that reflects our organization’s mission and values.
    Jessi Barrientos, Wesminster Public Library
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