Define Initial Schedule

During the Assessment Phase of EBSM, the top priority for library staff will be to set up schedules to improve and help clear shelves of items that are not circulating.The EBSM Item Removal Tools (Dead Item Removal and Grubby Item Removal) will be used heavily within this Phase, supported by the Collection Maintenance Tools to improve catalog accuracy.

Schedules should be created for these Tools to ensure that EBSM is fully ingrained in the collection maintenance workflow to deliver repeatable collection performance improvements across the library.

Other tools which may be used on an ad-hoc basis to support this phase include the Item Demand and Item Refresh Tools.

The methodology recommends that a schedule should be adhered to in order to improve a collection or a limited group of collections, prioritizing those items on the shelf that need to be addressed first. However during this early Phase of EBSM, library staff may feel that it makes more sense to work across the whole collection, or a very high level set of collections, particularly for activities such as Collection Check.

As a guide – and it should be stressed that this is only a guide – the methodology therefore suggests that scheduling during this Phase could be as follows:

- Collection Check
- Catalog Maintenance
- Grubby Item Removal
- Unread item Removal
- Dead Item Removal
- Local Item Selection
- System Wide Selection
- Popular Author Selection