Course Details

Go Live Training Course Design – Fiction, Non Book, Non Fiction, Marketing, My Schedule & Academy

Attendees: Branch Staff, Collection Management Team & Administrator

Duration: Two Hours

Content: An introduction to the Evidence Based Branch Tools

Objective: To identify, understand and optimize the Fiction, Non Book and Marketing Tools and integrate within your workflow in a logical order and frequency of use.


Course Modules


  • Collection Maintenance
    • System Wide Collection Check
    • Collection Check
    • Long Overdue Check
  • Collection Removal
    • Dead Items Summary
    • Dead Items Removal
    • Dead Items Refresh
    • Grubby Items Summary
    • Grubby Items Removal (single site) or refresh (multi-branch)
    • Collection Demand
      • Collection Use Summary
      • Popular Author Summary


Non Book

  • Collection Check, Dead and Grubby



  • Maintenance and Removal tools
  • System-wide Collection Check
  • Collection Use Summary
  • Popular Subject Summary



  • Top Charts
  • Experimental Placement


My Schedule



  • Help
  • Training
  • Community
  • News