This Privacy Policy describes how Bridgeall Libraries Limited processes Personal Data.

Examples provided in the policy are provided to make the policy easier to understand and give some context but do not attempt to provide a complete coverage of use cases.

Bridgeall Libraries Limited is our company name and also used as a trading name.  collectionHQ is the name of our leading product and also used as a trading name.

Bridgeall Libraries Limited acts as the controller and as a processor of your information, as described by the ICO in GDPR terminology.

When we refer to our “Services”, this includes collectionHQ, Discovery, Academy, ESP, Web-sites, Webinars and any other services we may provide to customers.

When we refer to “Personal Data”, we are referring to information or data associated with an identified or identifiable natural person and where that information or data is protected as Personal Data under applicable data protection law.

Applicability of This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Bridgeall Libraries Limited’s use of Personal Data.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party applications or software that integrate with the Services through the Bridgeall Libraries Limited platform (“Third Party Services”), or any other third party products, services or businesses.

Personal Data We Process

Bridgeall Libraries Limited collect and receive Personal Data from and relating to customers for a variety of purposes:

Customer Data:

As a subscriber to services from Bridgeall Libraries Limited, we control and process data relating to your account which will include Personal Data such as contact names, job titles and email addresses.

Customers may create and amend accounts for their staff.  Such action will include the recording of Personal Data such as full name and email address within our services.  This data may be used for system access control and workflow purposes by our services.

When you interact with our support services, we will record data provided by you and use this data whilst managing the support case and may subsequently use it for service improvement purposes, e.g. identifying the need for training or for product improvement.

When you participate in any focus groups, improvement programs or other similar activities with Bridgeall Libraries Limited, we may record and use Personal Data relating to that program for the agreed purposes of that program.

Other Data:

Service Usage Data: Bridgeall Libraries Limited collects data relating to customer use of its services, for example how many times each tool has been used. This data may be used for example to guide improvements to the workflow in our Services.

Server Logs: Our servers automatically collect data when you access or use our Services and record it in log files.  Such data may include the browser type and version, the Internet address of the device accessing the service, the date and time of access to the service, the URL used to access the service, contents of the service cookie.

Cookie Data: Bridgeall Libraries Limited uses cookies to control navigation through our Services.  Cookies used by 3rd party products integrated with our services do not have access to Personal Data processed by our Services.

Third Party Data: Bridgeall Libraries Limited may receive and process Personal Data from 3rd parties where that data has been explicitly opted in by the data subjects for such purposes as the data will be processed.

How We Use Personal Data

Personal Data will be used by Bridgeall Libraries Limited:

To provide our Services.  e.g. a user account must exist in order to access and use our services.  Such user accounts store Personal Data in our Services.

To improve our Services.  We may analyse data relating to customers’ use of the Services as part of data gathering for Service improvement activity.

To comply with laws and regulations.  Where we must provide Personal Data in order to comply with laws or regulations, we shall.

To communicate.  We may use Personal Data in order to communicate with you on matters relating to our Services, e.g. regarding subscription, payments, refunds, support cases, requests for information.

For sales, account management, financial, contractual and other administrative processes. Bridgeall Libraries Limited may need to contact you throughout the sales process and the lifecycle of your subscription.  Customers’ Personal Data may be used as part of many processes for administrative purposes.

For security purposes. We may use Personal Data when applying security measures or investigating security matters.

In aggregated and de-identified form.  Bridgeall Libraries Limited may aggregate Personal Data that can no longer reasonably be used to identify or be associated with a natural person and use that data for business purposes.  For example we may identify a trend of usage of our services in a period by summing all individual uses.

Data Retention

Bridgeall Libraries Limited will retain Personal Data for at least as long is required to provide the Services and for legal compliance purposes.  We shall in many cases retain Personal Data for a longer period.  For example it may not be practical to remove information supplied by customers relating to support cases on a strict retention policy.

How We Share and Disclose Personal Data

Bridgeall Libraries Limited may share and disclose Personal Data for the following purposes:

Collaboration.  Our services include tools for customer collaboration such as on-line forums in which customers may supply their Personal Data to be viewable by customers on the forum.  Group events such as User Groups and Webinars may provide attendee lists to all attendees.

Customer Request. If a customer requests and consents us to share their own Personal Data with a third party, we may do so.

Customer Audit.  Administrative users of our services may access usage logs of our Services where the usage is of other people in their organisation.

Corporate Group. Bridgeall Libraries Limited may share Personal Data with its parent companies and their subsidiaries.  Many business functions are provided by central shared service teams to the whole group of companies and will process some of our Personal Data in delivering this service, e.g. our Accounts Receivable function requires access to Personal Data for their operations.  Our Corporate Group is headquartered in the USA and has offices internationally.  We operate disaster recovery systems across international borders.  Personal Data processed by us will be processed in multiple international locations.

Third Parties, Subcontractors and Consultants.  We utilise 3rd party systems for many of our business operations.  We process Personal Data on such systems for operational purposes.  These systems include for example our financial processing.  Access to Personal Data processed in such systems is provided only to staff who require access to perform their job.  Where we engage subcontractors or consultants their access to Personal Data shall be governed by usage and non-disclosure agreements.

Legal and Regulatory reasons.  e.g. when undergoing a financial audit, the auditors may reasonably request to access documents or services containing Personal Data.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time.

Contacting Bridgeall Libraries Limited

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or are seeking to exercise any of your statutory rights then you may contact us at or by writing to us at our address below:

Bridgeall Libraries Limited
220 St Vincent Street,
G2 5SG