cHQlite is a scaled down version of the world leading collection performance improvement tool, collectionHQ. This reduced toolset gives smaller library groups and single branch libraries access to a selection of powerful tools that are designed to help them manage their collections by ensuring stock levels are maintained and underperforming materials are efficiently weeded.

To ensure that all libraries, regardless of size, accurately reflect the community they serve cHQlite comes equipped with key elements from our award-winning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Analysis module.


  • Access to a selection of the powerful collectionHQ suite of tools
  • Includes elements of our award-winning DEI tool


  • Manage Manage
  • DEI Module DEI Module
  • Manage

    cHQlite uses the proven Evidence Based Stock Management (EBSM) methodology to effectively develop easy to follow Action Plans, giving smaller libraries the tools, they need to manage their collection.

    Maintain – use the powerful analytical tools in cHQlite to identify missing and long overdue materials from your catalogue, allowing you to locate or replace materials your patrons may be missing out on.

    Remove – Weeding your collection for Dead or Grubby materials can be time consuming and requires a regular commitment for maximum effectiveness. The easy-to-follow Action Plans developed by cHQlite can help you manage your collection more efficiently.

    Renew – materials and tastes change, what may be relevant or interesting to your patrons when you first purchased it may now be out of date. cHQlite can help identify which materials are due to be refreshed.

  • DEI Module

    cHQlite subscribers also get access to our award-winning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) tools which can be used to help them ensure their community’s needs are being accurately met. Use the DEI tools to identify gaps in your collection and ensure that the diversity of your patrons is being fairly represented.

    • Analyze your library’s Fiction and Non-Fiction collections against industry accepted DEI Topics.
    • Effectively communicate diversity, equity, and inclusion in your collection to stakeholders in your community.
    • Segment your Action Plan by category, giving you a more in-depth analysis of your collection.

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