How does it work?

Sustainable Shelves Program Process


It’s Simple!

  1. Contact who will provide you with all the details required to sign up to the service.
  2. Using collectionHQ you can effectively weed the dead books from your collection. Pack the books into the re-usable totes that are provided by Shopiago.
  3. Let us know when you are ready for a pick up and we will send a courier straight to you.
  4. Within 28 days you will receive credits to your collectionHQ account, which can be used against any collectionHQ product.



  • A simple, flexible process for libraries to get credit for weeded books quickly.
  • Books that are not suited for resale are responsibly recycled.
  • Save valuable staff time from not managing book sales or researching donation options.
  • Generate additional credit for your library while maintaining a vibrant, circulating collection.




Don’t miss out! Contact us today to find out how much credit your library could receive.