Empowering academic libraries to create collections that inspire learning.

cHQacademic, from the award-winning collectionHQ, is the ultimate collection management solution for college and university libraries.


What is cHQacademic?

cHQacademic harnesses technology that has been tried and tested in libraries for over fifteen years. It analyzes data about your library collection and provides action plans to support improvements and enhance the student experience.

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Save Time

Simplify collection management workflows and free up staff time spent on manual tasks.

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Save Money

Make evidence-based decisions about new purchases and get more from existing resources.

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Improve performance

Deliver an inclusive and accessible library collection that encourages student success.


Improve the representation of diverse content.

cHQacademic’s DEI Analysis module enables librarians to evaluate their collection against twelve industry-accepted DEI topics to enhance the representation of diverse material.

  • Monitor the availability of diverse and inclusive content in your collection.
  • Effectively communicate the library’s commitment to delivering a diverse, equitable and inclusive collection to stakeholders in your campus community.

Effortlessly maintain a high-performing collection.

The Schedule Management tool simplifies and regularizes collection management activities so that your library collection maintains a consistently high standard and students can easily find the content they need.

  • Schedule user-friendly tasks for teams to carry out effortlessly across various campuses.
  • Automate task reminders and monitor the progress of scheduled tasks.

Keeping your collection organized and up-to-date has never been easier.

cHQacademic’s user-friendly interface empowers librarians to efficiently manage collections and make data-driven decisions instantly.

Rebalance tools icon

Rebalance tools

Right-size your collection so that students can quickly locate necessary study materials.

Demand tools icon

Demand tools

Identify understocked and overstocked collections based on usage metrics.

Refresh tools icon

Refresh tools

Pinpoint overused “grubby” materials that need to be replaced.

Outdated stock check icon

Outdated stock check

Easily find and replace outdated publications.

Collection check icon

Collection check

Learn what items are missing and improve catalog accuracy.

Core collections icon

Core collections

Optimize weeding processes to prevent the unintentional removal of last copies or core learning materials.


Helpful Resources

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cHQacademic is based on the proven Evidence Based Stock Management methodology.

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collectionHQ has received a platinum distinction in the 2024 Modern Library Awards.

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collectionHQ has partnered with ByWater Solutions to identify opportunities to build more.

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