collectionHQ Partners with PressReader in UKIE

collectionHQ and PressReader, two innovators in the field of digital library solutions, today announced a partnership that will expand access among library communities in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

With soaring demand for digital content, this partnership aims to expand access among library communities in the U.K. and Ireland to more than 7,000 publications, newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries via the PressReader app. News of the partnership follows the recent announcement from Baker & Taylor, parent company of collectionHQ, of its first steps to integrate the global PressReader catalog within their Axis360 ecosystem.

“Libraries in the U.K. and Ireland serve a rich melting pot of different cultures and communities,” said Amandeep Kochar, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Baker & Taylor. “Offering access to more than 7,000 international newspapers and magazines, PressReader is an obvious choice to help these libraries deliver a diverse range of content relevant to meet the needs of all community members.”

As one of the premium supporters of public libraries globally, collectionHQ focuses on solutions that help libraries to build engagement with their communities of all shapes and sizes. In a world of many voices and opinions, collectionHQ and PressReader are committed to empowering libraries in the communities they operate, allowing library users to gain access to current events from trusted media.

“At PressReader, we believe supporting libraries is the right thing to do, and what readers around the world want,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of the PressReader Group of Companies. “Together with our like-minded partners at collectionHQ, we continue our joint contribution in sustainably connecting communities through digital publications as we provide readers with an unprecedented choice of content to stay informed, entertained, and educated.”



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