collectionHQ Launches DEI Analysis in Australia and New Zealand

collectionHQ has today announced that the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Analysis module is available to public libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

Now, libraries in these countries have access to a comprehensive dashboard of information about DEI material in their collections to:

  • Discover DEI content at a system wide and granular branch level.
  • Analyze Fiction and Non-Fiction collections against industry accepted DEI Topics.
  • Evaluate representation of diverse populations in both print and digital collections.


This release also brings important updates to DEI Analysis for existing users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, including:

  • The ability to monitor changes in the supply of DEI material over time with ‘DEI Trend’.
  • The option to manage items that have been excluded from DEI Analysis by the library to provide users with greater control over their DEI data.


Contact your collectionHQ representative to find out more.

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