The Assessment Phase is the start of the Journey. Assessment takes a library through the process of measuring its initial position with regard to the EBSM KPIs.

From this initial position, priority issues can be identified and targets put in place, along with an EBSM schedule that will best deliver improvement for the initial priorities identified. Owners are put in place to ensure that the tools are executed in line with the agreed schedule.

The Phase ends with a number of stabilizing activities – that is, using a number of the EBSM Tools to get the catalog into a position that accurately reflects the collection that is on the shelves and on loan.


The activities within the Assessment Phase are summarized below.

ActivityActivity description
Establish BaselineSetting a line in the sand for EBSM performance reporting, based on the current position.
Identify Priority IssuesAssessing the key priorities (collections/libraries) that need to be addressed first.
Define Initial ScheduleSetting up the first EBSM Schedule for a collection.
Define Initial TargetsSetting EBSM Targets for the initial collection - these will be refined later.
Define Action OwnersEnsuring that owners are assigned to action each of the EBSM Tools from the Schedule.
Stabilize CatalogExecuting the collectionHQ Maintenance Action Plans, to get the catalog into a stable position.