EBSM Selection


The EBSM Selection Tools are used to create targeted, relevant selection recommendations that will meet both local and system wide demand.

All of the Selection tools are derived from evidence of collection demand from circulation data, and are designed to be used as the final stage of the collection improvement process, after all options for meeting customer demand through transfer haven been exhausted.

The Selection Tools achieve the Outcome of Better Collection Relevance and Better Collection Quality.

Local Item SelectionFiction / Non-FictionExamines each of the collections that an individual library stocks and determines if these collections are understocked, based on the actual use in the library. The aim is to bring collection sizes into line with collection use - in relative terms.

The Tool creates a selection Action Plan, presenting advice to an individual library based on the use that each collection has within that library.

For Non fiction, the Tool examines each of the class number ranges within individual libraries and determines if these collections are understocked, based on the actual use in the library. The aim is to identify ranges that should be built up to meet over demand, and ranges that should be refreshed because of evidence of low demand

Minimizes waste in future stock purchase
System Wide SelectionNon-FictionCreates a Non-Fiction purchase Action Plan for remaining Non-Fiction budget following Local Item Selection - this material is suggested for rotation round all branches to ensure cost effective provision of low demand subject material.
The Tool analyses the collection use by class number ranges across all libraries and suggests pro-rata budget allocation for each.

Ensures adequate subject provision across all class ranges.
Popular Author SelectionFiction / Non-FictionThis Tool identifies the highest circulating authors in individual libraries that are poorly represented in terms of current availability for loan. Using this information, the Tool creates a selection Action Plan to bring collection levels into line with target provision.
For the Non-Fiction version, this Tool is used for Non-Fiction authors whose work is read like Fiction.

Maximizes use of existing items.
Evidence-based Selection PlanningFiction / Non-FictionEquips your library with the information to select the right current and forthcoming titles in the right quantities, for the right locations.

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