Schedule Refinement

When a library emerges from the Assessment Phase into Acclimitisation, it will start to fine tune the schedule further as it begins to understand how much resource and time is required to carry out the activities within the schedule. For some libraries, the frequency of activities within the schedule will be increased and activities that were scheduled for a later date will be brought forward where resource allows, and for others the reverse may be true.

The key change during this Phase however will be that staff begin to experiment with previously unused EBSM Tools – typically the Tools from the EBSM Collection Demand and Collection Refresh Stages – which help to increase collection relevance through evidence based item swapping and transfer. When the staff is satisfied with the results of experimentation, these Tools will be added into the regular schedules to enable repeatable improvements.

The diagram below outlines the EBSM Collection Demand and Collection Refresh Tools that can be used as librarians progress through the Acclimatisation Phase.

- Collection Check
- Catalog Maintenance
- Popular Subject Transfer
- Popular Author Transfer
- Holds request analysis
- Overstocked Subject Swap
- Grubby Item Refresh
- Dead Item Refresh
- Floating Item Management
- Grubby Item Removal
- Unread Item Removal
- Dead Item Removal
- Local Item Selection
- System Wide Selection
- Popular Author Selection
- Evidence based Selection Planning (ESP)
- Predictive analysis