EBSM Scheduling

Scheduling of the EBSM toolset is fundamental to ensuring that maximum repeatable collection improvements can be made – without scheduling it is likely that planned activities will not take place.

The methodology suggests that schedules should differ between the different Phases of EBSM that a library is operating within.

Assessment and Acclimitisation Phases

During the early stages, a very simple schedule is suggested that makes priority use of the Collection Removal tools to clear the shelves of the most underused and poor quality items. This will help a librarians to plan effectively for the improvement process going forward.

Consolidation and Excellence

In the latter phases, more tools will be introduced over time to suit the library’s needs.  Collection Removal Tools will move down the priority list and take second place to EBSM Tools that generate improved collection relevance and performance – i.e. the Collection Demand and Collection Refresh Tools.

More discussion around EBSM Scheduling is covered under the EBSM Phases – Assessment, Acclimatisation and Excellence.