Collection Demand

cHQToolset_Icons_demandThe EBSM Collection Demand Tools are used to ensure that popular demand areas (authors and subjects) are being met with a satisfactory level of items on shelves at any time.

These Tools work by identifying items that can be transferred from other libraries within the same system.

The Collection Demand Tools achieve the Outcome of Better Collection Relevance.

Popular Subject TransferNon-FictionIdentifies high use class number ranges. Finds under used stock in matching class numbers ranges, from other Libraries and creates Action Plans for possible transfer.
Maximizes use of existing stock.
Popular Author TransferFiction/Non-FictionListing of the highest issuing authors in individual libraries and identification of those in the list who are poorly represented in terms of current availability for loan.
Finds matching under used titles and copies in other libraries. These are listed for possible transfer. Where no transfers are found, identifies recommended titles and numbers for purchase.

For the non fiction version, this tool is used for non fiction authors whose work is read like fiction.

Ongoing maintenance tool to maximize effectiveness of EBSM toolset.
Holds Request AnalysisFiction/Non-FictionMonitor your library’s number of holds in relation to holdings to align that supply with holds demand. Use location analysis to identify where the majority of holds demand comes from, to ensure that those branches with high demand from holds are equipped appropriately.